• Bacon vs. Tofu Action Figures

    It's the ultimate food fight. Mr. Bacon and the French champion Monsieur Tofu are fired up and ready to rumble, but only one can remain at the top of the food chain. Mr. Bacon fights for everything salty, greasy and meaty. Monsieur Tofu represents all things made of soy. FIGHT!
  • GINGERS RULE! Car Window Decal

    I've always said that a face without freckles is like a night without stars. If you've ever dated a Ginger then raise your glass...and if you haven't, then raise your standards. The time of the Ginger has arrived. Let's celebrate all things nice and gingerful.
  • Story Books In Your Own Voice

    Are you one of those workaholic parents? Are you never around at bed time? Now you can erase all the guilt by pre-recording your child's favorite story books in your own voice. This amazing toy recognizes the book cover and every page and knows when the page turns even out of order
  • Sunny Side Up Egg Shaper

    Ever need a little inspiration to start your day? The Sunny Side Up egg shaper will bring a smile to everyone in the family. Just crack the egg and deposit the yolk into the circle. You'll be serving a little bit of sunshine for everyone.
  • Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

    Why make costly renovations and spend hundreds on chemicals and maintenance? Like everything else in life, just go for instant gratification. Simply inflate and fill this baby up. You'll be soaking in no time.
  • Wall-Climbing Remote Control Car

    Everything seems to be extreme these days. So why not try some extreme remote controlled car racing. When they hit a wall, it's not the end of the road. They simply climb to the next level. Nothing stops them. Not even the ceiling or windows. Race on my friends!
  • Ice Cream Lock

    Is someone sneaking into your special pint? Put a stop to the thievery with the Ice Cream Lock. Specially designed to fit Ben & Jerry's one pint containers you can now stop your hubby from stealing your Chubby Hubby.
  • Aroma Fork

    They say that 90% of your sense of taste is dictated by your nose. Now you can use your nose to trick your mouth into thinking you're eating a bunch of funky stuff that you probably can't afford. Just a couple drops of fake truffle oil and you'll think you're dining in Paris.
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  • 1990s Coloring Book

    Slap bracelets, Teen Spirit, Saved By The Bell and cigars in the oval office. Welcome back to the best decade ever! Color your way through your fondest memories with this hilarious ode to the 1990s.
  • The Famous Drinking Bird

    Did you ever have a friend who won't stop ordering drinks....as long as you're paying? Same story with this bird. He just can't get his fill. This famous toy works with condensation and the bird's head will bob for hours. Children are fascinated.
  • Red Challenge Flag

    Imagine the sense of power and control when you whip that challenge flag across the kitchen or bedroom. Don't like someone's opinion? Challenge it! Don't like what she served for dinner? You can challenge that too. Did she choose another sappy chick flick? Throw the flag!
  • Bang Staple Gun

    This product takes the term staple-gun to a new level. The Staple Gun is a fully-functional stapler that looks like a pistol. But when you press down on it to staple something, it makes a satisfying BANG!
  • Mr. Sponge Holder

    Who says that doing dishes can't be classy? When your sponge isn’t in use, it conveniently hangs high and dry on the collar of Mr. Sponge, creating the illusion that he’s sporting a fashionable bow tie.
  • Mini Guitar Lighter

    Man I wish I had this at the Night Ranger concert circa 1986 in Saratoga Springs, NY. I would have had this baby lit up for the majority of Sister Christian. This is a fabulous novelty lighter that has a built in LED light that also illuminates when you light it. Rock on!
  • Rude Hand Gestures of The World

    If you're traveling overseas soon, this book is a must-have. It could be a huge mistake if you scratch your chin while ordering a ham sandwich in Sweden...and it could cost you dearly. So bone-up on all the world's rude hand gestures.
  • Pine Cone Lamp

    Bring a little piece of the great outdoors into your home with this fantastic Pine Cone Lamp. This great piece will spark conversation and create a unique look and feel for your kitchen or dining room.
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  • Greetings Dog Sniffer Doormat

    Your visitors will have the good scents (pun alert!) to laugh when they see your unique welcome mat! The most classic of all animal greetings can now grace your porch. Woof, woof!
  • I Found This Humerus TShirt

    I bought this for my brother who's a practicing x-ray technician in Denver. It never fails to get him a laugh.
  • Smartphone Pocket Projector

    This is absolutely perfect for parties where you want to show some of your best video footage but don't have access to a computer. This little gadget will show a cinema size video on your wall. Also great for youtube clips.
  • Pregnant Belly Painting Kit

    So today was my belly painting day. We got a locally-famous artist to come over. It was great. He went with a Jackson Pollack design and there's still paint all over the living room. It was a wild scene.
  • Mug Muscles Workout Mug

    Get a great forearm workout AND get rip-roaring drunk. Finally a way to exercise while you're drinking beer. This 20 oz mug features a spring-loaded hand exerciser. So now you can get pumped up while chugging your favorite frosty beverage.
  • Heart Straws

    If you're planning on sharing a milkshake with your sweetheart any time soon, don't even think about doing it without these heart shaped straws. Perfect for any romantic event like weddings or divorce parties. Drink up!
  • Snow Flurries Machine

    With the push of a button you can create a winter wonderland. Or you can simply confuse the heck out of your friends. This amazing snow flurry machine can create the magic of a white Christmas on any day of the year.
  • Astronaut Smartphone Mount

    There’s no need to request permission from Houston when you’re looking to dock your drained phone on the astronaut smartphone mount. Now anytime you’re looking for a charge, simply place the phone on the astronaut’s thrusterpack.
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  • Pirate Peg Leg Corkscrew

    Yaarrrr, now with the pirate peg leg corkscrew you’ll be able to pop open your favorite wines or eighteenth century rum bottles like a pro. This miniature pirate is always willing to lend a hand – or in this case his corkscrew peg leg – to facilitate your inebriation.
  • Useless Box

    This is the perfect gag gift. This completely useless box features a sleek black frame and switch that when flicked, prompts a small metallic finger to come out and switch it back off – that’s it. Look it up on youtube.
  • Butt Face Towel

    Unless you have a personal butler or laundress you probably use your towel more than once per washing. And if that's the case you're probably drying your face with part of the towel that dried your butt yesterday. Gross! Now you can avoid the confusion with the Butt Face towel.
  • Breathslim Breathing Weight Loss

    Breathing properly to lose weight is not a new idea or concept. In fact, it has been practiced for centuries and is an important aspect of many yoga classes around the world. Could this be the Holy Grail?
  • Magicians Smoke from Fingers

    Behold the age old smoke-from-the-fingertips trick. Magicians have been using this one since the beginning of time. Rub this gooey mess on your fingers, and smoke vapors will magically appear from nowhere. Friends will be scared and amazed.
  • 101 Uses For Ex Wifes Wedding Dress

    When Kevin Cotter’s wife left him, she took everything except her wedding dress. In Kevin’s infinite wisdom, he took it upon himself to find 101 uses for his ex-wife’s wedding dress – showcasing everything from using it as a car sponge to a fishing net in his new book.
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