• Astronaut Smartphone Mount

    There’s no need to request permission from Houston when you’re looking to dock your drained phone on the astronaut smartphone mount. Now anytime you’re looking for a charge, simply place the phone on the astronaut’s thrusterpack.
  • Pirate Peg Leg Corkscrew

    Yaarrrr, now with the pirate peg leg corkscrew you’ll be able to pop open your favorite wines or eighteenth century rum bottles like a pro. This miniature pirate is always willing to lend a hand – or in this case his corkscrew peg leg – to facilitate your inebriation.
  • Useless Box

    This is the perfect gag gift. This completely useless box features a sleek black frame and switch that when flicked, prompts a small metallic finger to come out and switch it back off – that’s it. Look it up on youtube.
  • Butt Face Towel

    Unless you have a personal butler or laundress you probably use your towel more than once per washing. And if that's the case you're probably drying your face with part of the towel that dried your butt yesterday. Gross! Now you can avoid the confusion with the Butt Face towel.
  • Breathslim Breathing Weight Loss

    Breathing properly to lose weight is not a new idea or concept. In fact, it has been practiced for centuries and is an important aspect of many yoga classes around the world. Could this be the Holy Grail?
  • Magicians Smoke from Fingers

    Behold the age old smoke-from-the-fingertips trick. Magicians have been using this one since the beginning of time. Rub this gooey mess on your fingers, and smoke vapors will magically appear from nowhere. Friends will be scared and amazed.
  • 101 Uses For Ex Wifes Wedding Dress

    When Kevin Cotter’s wife left him, she took everything except her wedding dress. In Kevin’s infinite wisdom, he took it upon himself to find 101 uses for his ex-wife’s wedding dress – showcasing everything from using it as a car sponge to a fishing net in his new book.
  • Water Jet Pack

    For only 10 grand you can now fly. Strap this baby on and feel like Elroy Jetson circa 1978.
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  • Banana Cell Phone Handset

    Combining modern technology with the childhood classic joke of talking into a banana. It works with most cell phones including the iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung and more. Excuse me, I have a call.
  • Toilet Mug

    So versatile and so gentile. This ceramic toilet mug is perfect for any occasion and a great way to let your friends know that they're #1 in your eyes....or #2, I guess? Use it to serve candy, ice cream or coffee. Or use it as a planter! You can't lose with this great gift.
  • I Kissed a Democrat Chewing Gum

    Hey, sometimes things just go south and crazy things happen. There are times when your fiscally responsible agenda goes haywire and you just can't help yourself. Well now there's a gum for that.
  • 50-50 Bank

    Are you having trouble deciding how much to save for something responsible versus something fun? Life is much more exciting when you let fate decide. The 50/50 Savings Bank comes with a dry erase marker so you can always change your savings goals.
  • Friday The 13th Guitar Pick

    Have a killer performance with this Friday The 13th guitar pick that will have your audience dying for more. Inspired by the iconic horror flick’s ominous hockey mask, these Friday The 13th Guitar picks come in a pack of six, and are perfect for musically talented serial killers.
  • Prescription Coffee Mug

    A great gift for coffee lovers, and coffee addicts. This hilarious ceramic coffee mug looks like a prescription medicine bottle, and the label is filled with hilarious puns about coffee.
  • C-String

    In the movie Old School, Frank the Tank ends up in the 'Trust Tree' with his wife and he tells the marriage counselor his deep thoughts about women's underpants: "Maybe they're wearing something really cool that I don't even know about." Well now I know exactly how he felt.
  • Anti Monkey Butt Powder

    If you've ever driven a truck, rode a horse or rode a bike for over an hour, you know exactly what it means to have a case of monkey butt. Marketed as a product for all of your 'butt bursting activities.' That means cycling, horseback riding, motorcycling and rodeo.
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  • Family Bug Out Bag

    If my family were to bug out, probably the first thing we'd do is tear apart this bag of supplies in search of the Xanax and Scotch it does not contain to help calm ourselves down. This bag has everything your family needs to survive for 3 days as the world calms down.
  • Butt Face Soap

    This great 2-sided bar of soap solves the age old problem of washing your nether regions and your face with the same bar. If you share a shower with family, roommates or friends, this soap will lay down some ground rules and assure that you never have any mix ups.
  • Dog Paw Washer

    Eliminate those dirty dog prints all over your clean floor with the dog paw wash tool. This painless yet extremely effective device works by simply placing your dog’s paws in the tube filled with soap and water – a fluid dynamic suction then quickly takes off the dirt.
  • Awkward Family Pet Photos

    Even the most humor challenged people I know can't keep from laughing as they look through this one. We keep a copy on our coffee table and somehow it manages to migrate to the night stands in guests' bedrooms or other areas of the house....even if they aren't animal lovers.
  • Awkward Family Pet Photos

    Even the most humor challenged people I know can't keep from laughing as they look through this one. We keep a copy on our coffee table and somehow it manages to migrate to the night stands in guests' bedrooms or other areas of the house....even if they aren't animal lovers.
  • Book: Unnecessary Quotation Marks

    This book surveys the havoc wreaked by quotation marks on signs, menus, placards, and posters that leave reality upended by supposed "facts." This smarty-pants guide is "perfect" for desperate grammarians, habitual air quoters, and anyone who appreciates a good laugh.
  • Veet Hair Removal for Men

    Being a loose cannon who does not play by the rules the first thing I did was ignore the warning and smear this all over my knob and bollocks. The bollocks I knew and loved are gone now. In their place is a maroon colored bag of agony.
  • Electronic Spin The Bottle

    Electronic Spin the Bottle takes the old party favorite out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century. The see-through blue plastic bottle lights up when you spin it and makes cool sound effects as it whizzes around. When it comes to a rest, it beams a light at the winner.
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  • Vintage 60 Watt Lightbulb

    Think of how cool your antique lamp will look with this bulb in it. Or what about any chandelier or lamp in your home? These bulbs will bring you back to the early 20th century. She blinded me with science!
  • The Eviltron Prank

    The best prank to come out in a decade. Plant this disturbing little device and really freak people out. Sounds are: unsettling creaking, unidentifiable scratching sounds, gasping last breath, sinister child laughing, eerie whispering of hey, can you hear me?
  • Inflatable Bumper Balls

    As a kid I dreamed of being a champion Sumo wrestler in Tokyo and dating waif models who weighed 1/16 of my body mass and sang karaoke to me each evening at bed time. Strange, eh? Well now my sons can act out the fantasy with these buddy balls. Remember to order two.
  • Volume Level Pacifier

    Ever wanted to adjust the volume on the baby? Imagine the possibilities? it's PVC-free, BPH-free and meets all child safety standards, so parents have some peace of mind as well.
  • Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells

    Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like some spent 12 gauge shells. These babies will deliver the proper Christmas message to friends and neighbors....Merry Christmas but stay the $&#%$ off my property! They look great on wreaths, trees and mantles.
  • Stick & Find

    Tired of losing stuff? The Stick N' Find Bluetooth tracker works with an app to locate lost or missing objects. Just stick the trackers to whatever you don't want to lose and download the free app. From there, you can use your phone to monitor the locations of up to 20 objects.
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